Find a container for your needs

Specialised Containers

Our specialised containers are the answer when you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary. They are designed for goods that cannot be transported or stored in a conventional shipping container. There are plenty of these kinds of goods.

Our range includes specialised containers for almost any purpose you can imagine, from storing perishable foods to transporting exceptionally heavy loads. Even if you do not yet know exactly what it is that you need, just talk to our sales team – we will find you your perfect solution.

We make specialised containers for a huge range of purposes:

  • Refrigerated containers for storing and transportation of perishable foods
  • Insulated containers work well as a warm storage space in cold weather
  • Hazardous waste containers to keep the earth clean for our children
  • Insulated and uninsulated tank containers for transportation and storing of liquid products

See below for our most popular container models. If you didn’t find a suitable one, ask us for other models or design a container specifically for your needs.