Containers Abroad

If you have a project where you need containers directly from abroad or you are bringing goods to Finland, we can arrange containers for you at competitive prices from almost anywhere in the world. For us, this doesn’t just remain a phrase on the website.

Operating locally and globally

We have Finland’s largest export companies in our client portfolio that operate on the international market. We deliver hundreds of containers to them every year, both in Finland and directly in the destination country. We have delivered containers to customers in Scotland, Canada, Poland, Germany and Brazil, among others.

How do we do it?

We have carefully and persistently created a wide network of partners on every continent. The network includes shipping companies, operators, sellers of special equipment and a wide range of container sellers.


We can buy back your shipping containers in Finland and abroad. We will refund the container’s market price, depending on its return condition.


Your company has a construction project abroad and you are shipping your goods from Finland or from another location to the site using containers. However, the products will not be unloaded from the containers immediately but they will be gradually emptied during the course of the project.


You’ll purchase CSC-approved shipping containers through us to ship your goods to the destination. Once your project has reached the stage where you no longer need the containers, we will buy them back. You are free to decide whether you need us to pick up the containers or whether you will arrange their transport to the agreed container depot yourself.


You can hold on to the containers for as long as you need them, which means that you will not have to pay any demurrage charges to shipping companies. We will refund the container’s market price, depending on its return condition.