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Hazardous Waste Containers

When you are dealing with environmental or hazardous waste, compliance with the applicable containment and storage regulations is paramount. If this is what you are looking for, you have come to the right place.

We supply hazardous waste containers for all kinds of conditions, including for storing chemicals and IBC tanks. Insulation, ATEX electrification, feed-throughs and any other special features that you may want in your container can naturally also be incorporated. Just tell us what you need!

We make hazardous waste containers for all kinds of purposes:

  • Our 200-litre mini hazardous waste containers satisfy the statutory requirements for storing barrels and IBC tanks.
  • Containers for storing IBC tanks are designed specifically for ensuring compliance with the rules on IBC storage.
  • The popularity of our small hazardous waste containers lies in their convenient size and endless reconfigurability, which makes them a practical and economical choice for tight spaces.

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