Design your container

If a basic container does not meet your requirements, we can design and carry out minor modifications or major conversions to match the container to your specific purposes.

Container for your needs

We offer a large number of containers for different purposes. All of our container models can also be fitted with almost unlimited conversions and modifications according to customer needs and expectations.

We can either make conversions to your specifications or design them based on the intended use. Read more about conversions and accessories.

You can come to us with any suggestion – we always find a way.

Design your container

Plan the desired changes and accessories to the container floor plans.

Container with custom dimensions

We design and manufacture your own unique product, which is not bound by container shapes or dimensions.

Container applications

A container is a very affordable and high-quality solution with almost endless possibilities.

Container conversions

The most common conversion needs include for instance electrifications and various types of extra doors and hatches.