Find a container for your needs

20SD sivusta avattava kontti

Shipping Containers

New and used shipping containers for all needs


Specialised Containers

Designed for transport and storage of goods for which a regular shipping container is not suitable

Hazardous Waste Containers

For storage of environmentally hazardous materials

Display and Event Containers

Display, event and pop-up containers suitable for a wide variety of purposes

Toimistokontti 7'

Office and Sanitary Containers

Office, sanitary and toilet containers suitable for a wide variety of applications

Varastokontti 6'

Mini and Storage Containers

As their name suggests, storage containers are designed for storage purposes


Septic Tank Containers

Easily movable container for collecting wastewater in diverse locations

Prefabricated Modules

Modules tailored to each customer’s unique needs and wishes


Miniature containers and other products