8′-30′ Septic tank container

A septic tank container is an easily movable and compact storage container for collecting wastewater (sanitary or sewage) in diverse locations.

A wastewater container can be installed on a maintenance, renovation or rebuilding site for disposing of wastewater to the septic tank or wastewater container. A septic tank container is an excellent option to use when the site cannot be connected to the public infrastructure.

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Installation of a septic tank

A septic tank container can also be installed directly under an office and sanitary container. This means the wastewater (sanitary or sewage) from the container is disposed of directly to the tank without the need to connect the container to the public infrastructure. A septic tank container installed under an office and sanitary container is equipped with integrated steps if needed. Separate steps to be placed in front of the maintenance holes are also available. See pictures of different options here.

Size of a water tank, features of a container

The size of our septic tank containers varies between 8’ and 30’ (3 m and 9 m) / 2300-8300 l, but we also manufacture custom containers as per customer needs. We have septic tank containers without insulation as well as with insulation and heating. Connectors connecting the wastewater to the container are standard connectors, so connecting them is simple and easy. Containers are emptied either by sucking the wastewater out from the outlet on top or by using the drain valves at the bottom of the container.

Storage of wastewater and clean water

It is possible to divide the septic tank in two compartments. One of them is for disposing of the wastewater and the other one can be filled with fresh water. Water is transferred with a water pump for example to a sanitary or office container. This solution makes office and sanitary containers completely self-sufficient and independent units, which can be installed in locations without public water and sewage systems. Read more about office and sanitary containers.

To sum up, the containers can be built either as a wastewater collection container, a water container for fresh water or as a combination of these.

Length2991 mm6058 mm
Width2438 mm (2990 mm)2438 mm (2990 mm)
Height420-700 mm420-800 mm
Weight600-700 kg1100-1300 kg
Capacity2300-4300 l6500-8300 l

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