Mini hazardous waste container

Mini hazardous waste containers are designed for statutory storage of 200l barrels (2-4 pcs) or IBC containers (1 pc). They are available in two sizes and are equipped with doors for easy loading/unloading.

  • Designed for storage of 200-litre barrels and IBC tanks
  • Two size ranges: a smaller unit for storage of two 200-litre barrels and a larger one for storage of four 200-litre barrels or one IBC tank
  • The container comes with a containment bund, ventilation grilles, a door ramp to facilitate loading and unloading, and fork-lift pockets
  • Can also be supplied in other size ranges, fitted with insulation, electrics (IP or ATEX), etc.

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SmallerLength 855 mmWidth 1518 mmHeight 1239 mm
LargerLength 1605 mmWidth 1518 mmHeight 1564 mm

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