Workshop container

We convert containers into portable or stationary workshops to meet different needs. An easily portable workshop container saves time and improves working conditions. Workshops can be moved or transported using a lorry, a forklift truck or a crane, which means that you can set up a work space right next to your worksite. Easy to open up and pack up, a workshop container provides a secure place where tools can be locked away at the end of the day – setting it up for use and transport only takes a few minutes.

Among the key benefits are that a workshop container:

  • offers a high-quality temporary/fixed work and storage area all rolled into one
  • improves the quality and speeds up the performance of work, as the required power tools can be stored closer to the worksite
  • increases safety and well-being at work through safe and ergonomic working conditions

Each workshop is converted from the steel frame of a storage container. Using a hydraulically opening side, it is possible to extend the covered workspace to the side of the container: for instance, a converted 20′ container provides more than 26m2 of covered work space, including 8m2 of insulated and heated space. Each workshop can be built using a container frame of your preferred size (see storage container dimensions) and can be custom-equipped to meet your specific needs. All of your workshop functions and power tools are then ready for immediate use as soon as you have connected one 32A plug.

The availability of the product is limited or the price may vary a lot. Send us a request for quotation and you will get the best price and option.

FeatTypeOutside dimensions
(length x width x height mm)
Inside dimensions
(length x width x height mm)
Door opening
(width x height mm)
6′A11980 x 1850 x 18001815 x 1755 x 16001730 x 1494
6′A21980 x 1950 x 19101818 x 1854 x 17131828 x 1590
8′A12438 x 2000 x 21502276 x 1904 x 19531880 x 1832
8′A22438 x 2000 x 22502276 x 1904 x 20531878 x 1943
8′A32438 x 2200 x 22502276 x 2104 x 20532098 x 1943
10′A12991 x 2000 x 22502829 x 2104 x 20532080 x 1943
10′A22991 x 2438 x 25912829 x 2342 x 23942318 x 2272
10′A32991 x 2438 x 25912895 x 2342 x 23942538 x 2295
13′A14000 x 2438 x 25913838 x 2342 x 23942318 x 2272
15′A14500 x 2000 x 21504338 x 1904 x 19531880 x 1832
15′A24500 x 2200 x 22504338 x 2104 x 20532080 x 1943
15′A34500 x 2438 x 25914338 x 2342 x 23942318 x 2272
20′A16058 x 2438 x 25915896 x 2342 x 23942318 x 2272
20′A26058 x 2438 x 25915962 x 2342 x 23942300 x 2268
20′A36058 x 2438 x 25915962 x 2342 x 23945496 x 2295
20′A46058 x 2438 x 25915962 x 2342 x 23942300 x 2268
30′9125 x 2438 x 25919030 x 2343 x 23932302 x 2269