Shipping containers for exhibitions

Shipping Container conversions are extremely functional for exhibitions, festivals and conventions. They provide excellent mobility and durability and provide memorable experiences: they grab attention and capture your audience uniquely.

Because of these qualities exhibitions containers are go-to choice for many companies and expo visitors. We sell or rent these exhibitions shipping containers unfurnished or with furniture, decorations and AV-systems. Containers can be fully customized and branded to improve your visibility.

Exhibition containers are a perfect match for roadshows, trade shows and other promotion purposes. Great variety of these containers can be acquire from our storage places, but if you just want, we can build one for you. Exactly the way you like.

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Interior dimensionsPituus 5 898 mmLeveys 2 340 mmKorkeus 2 397 mm
Exterior dimensionsPituus 6 050 mmLeveys 2 440 mmKorkeus 2 590 mm
Surface area13,7 m2
Cubic capacity32,5 m3
Payload10 500 kg/m2
Tare weight1 400 kg
Door opening width2318 mm
Door opening height2 272 mm

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